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My name is Joshua Perham. I went to the University Of New Hampshire for Nutritional Wellness. After graduating I became a Certified Personal Training and recently became a certified Online Health Coach. My main focus is in Fitness Transformation. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or recomp your body, I want to help you transform yourself into the person that you never thought possible!

My Story

My venture into the fitness and nutrition world began with a near 100 pound weight loss transformation at 17 years of age. I initially went to college for film studies; however I found my true passion was nutrition after I took a freshman level course while at school. I switched my major to Nutrition & Wellness and never looked back. While in college I started weight lifting as well. I helped a few friends begin their venture into fitness during this time and it was truly a fulfilling experience. I started Evolutionary Form Fitness in 2016 with the hope of someday turning it into a training business. I then spent 4 years working in hospitals, community mental health centers and health clubs training and working on nutrition with clients. Recently I have been working as a general manager of a gym, to learn more about the business side of the industry. It seemed like no matter what job I was doing that I couldn't help but think about my desire to start my own training business that provides a long lasting impact unlike many of the other services in the industry today. This dream is finally coming to fruition. 

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